Our department:
  • Should be a leader in information and communication technologies.

  • Should provide education, innovation, research and development in the information and communication technologies area in compliance with international standards.

Our graduates:
  • Should have universal knowledge, norms, ethics and culture in science, technology, communication, cultural and social areas.

  • Should have the ability to detect, formulize and solve engineering problems.

  • Should have ability to collect data, design and carry out experiments, analyse and interpret data for examination of engineering problems.

  • Should have the ability to develop, choose and use modern techniques and tools required in computer engineering.

  • Should have the ability to think scientifically, systemically, systematically, synthetically and analytically and to solve problems.

  • Should be scientific, innovative, entrepreneurial, productive, and sharing individuals directing and shaping our future.

  • Should be educated as qualified engineers having the ability to learn, innovate, research, develop and solve problems in scientific and technical fields.

  • Should be able to define, do feasibility study, analyse, design, model and apply a complex system, process or product under realistic constraints and conditions in the context of economic, environmental, social, legal, political, ethical, health, security, manufacturability and sustainability by using perception, processing, activity, storage and communication properties of computers.
  • Should have the ability to work both individually and in disciplinary and inter-disciplinary teams.

  • Should adhere to professional responsibility.

  • Should adopt lifelong learning, continuous self renewal and quality principles.

  • Should be competent in the fields of both computer hardware and software.